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Gotobaby Drop Ship Program

Gotobaby Drop Ship Program

GoToBaby's Wholesale/Drop Ship Program is currently on hold for any new applicants.  We do apologize for any inconvenience.  To those who are newly interested in our program, please be aware that we do not offer all items that you may see in our retail store in our wholesale/drop ship program.  Due to licensing and branding legalities, we are not able to do this.  At this time, only those who are registered with us can access the selection of items in our program.

If you are a current member of our program, please log in and click HERE to find the wholesale item CSV file which contains updated descriptions and pricing, includes exciting new items and pages for discontinued items and current backorders.  Please make the necessary changes to our listings on your websites so we can continue to offer customers the best available options for each product.  

Here is the IMAGE URL file for you.




Terms and Conditions below.

This program is an excellent way for you to broaden your assortment, gain customer following and build a business that generates income for yourself without many of the costs and significant hassles of buying and storing inventory, printing gift cards and shipping and handling orders.  We will forward all UPS and Postal service tracking numbers to you so you can forward to your customers.  We look forward to working together!


Some things you’ll need to decide:

1.      How much to charge your customers for shipping and gift wrap is up to you.   **Please note, as of 4/15/2013 we are shipping with UPS Live Rates as stated in the recent newsletter.    

There is no free shipping in wholesale. This includes all boxing, packing materials and handling. Any ship charges such as free shipping listed under individual product descriptions does not apply to your charges under this program. Please note packages going to Canada, or other International destinations will be processed through our partner site, BongoUSA.  You will need to click the International Shipping button in order to accomplish this. Hawaii and Alaska deliveries will be an additional $20.00.

Gift wrap, when available (not for painted items) we charge $2.95 to our wholesale customers.

2.      Free Gift Message - During GoToBaby Wholesale checkout include the gift message, if one exists, and ALWAYS add Your business name  phone number and web address (if applicable) at the end so the recipient knows it came from your business.   

3.      How much you want to charge at retail for the items on your site  is your decision. We ask that if you sell for less than we show as our sale price on that you Rename the product name as it appears on your website. This helps all our retailers not feel the need to undercut each other on exact name search engine searches.  If you keep the product name the exact same and sell below our on sale price we have the right to terminate your account at any time.  If you do not understand what we are referring to in this section just sell for the same retail or sale price we show and you have nothing to worry about.

3a.    We do not allow any auction bidding, for example Ebay unless the starting bid is greater than the retail price we show on You Must receive permission from us in writing to sell any of our items on Amazon or we will not ship orders out for you at our discretion.

  1.  We will be collecting CT 6.35% Sales tax for gifts shipped to a location in CTif you do not provide valid resale tax id number when filling out the submit an account request form at the link provided at the bottom of this page.

 Click HERE to view our Wholesale Items return policy.

ALL orders get processed on GoToBaby’s Drop ship site where you can log in with your password after being approved.          

What you will need to provide GoToBaby to get started:

1.      You can look at the product offerings at Certain items we show on our retail site we do not have the license to resell and certain items are not cost effective to resell. Only what you see on the wholesale site is available for Drop Ship. Rest assured the best sellers and best money makers are the items we offer on our wholesale site.

2.      Submit an account request by clicking on that link at the bottom of the wholesale home page.

3.      If approved you can use our images and copy from the wholesale section.

4.      We accept new accounts at our sole discretion and can terminate accounts that are not acting as we deem appropriate.

 5.      In order to maintain the integrity of our program, limit fraudulent applications, and motivate our members we require applicants to make a deposit to their accounts upon their submission application. This immediately gives the newly accepted member a $50 credit voucher to spend during their wholesale product purchases.  This program is not guaranteed indefinitely, use your voucher within 90 days of acceptance to avoid its potential loss.  The deposit is non refundable, but can be used as soon as you are accepted. In the event the application is not approved the applicant will immediately be refunded.

Embroidered items usually get shipped within 3-4 business days and hand painted items typically take 1-2 weeks to paint dry and ship. We are constantly adding to our assortment that is available to ship for you.  All our pricing is subject to change.      

To get started, click here to submit an account request.

By signing up with GoToBaby you accept that we reserve the right to open accounts and terminate accounts at our sole discretion. Thank you.


1-866-510-Baby (2229)